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Just a mini-blog of my life.

Vacation Time!

I’m off to Las Vegas for a two week vacation. When I come back, I hope to have renewed vim & vigor (aka Inspiration!).

~strenee 3.22.24

Need a Spark of Creativity

UGH! I’ve been on a roll with ideas and now the well has run dry. If you have a suggestion for a new set or idea… please drop me a line!


Very Long Hiatus
I’m back creating after taking a year and half hiatus. I didn’t have much of a spark for creativity but I did enjoy playing the game!


On Hiatus
Vacation starts today for me. I will be away from creating until mid-August. I have family to hug and games to play and relaxing to do and sooo much more!


Getting Ready for Vacay!
It’s the last week before my HIATUS! I’m going to Vegas and then onto Washington State. I like to vacation all summer. I have one more post on Wednesday and then *poof*!


Woo Diddly!!
It has taken just shy of a month to fix a bunch of stuff on the back-end of this website. Talk about long & tedious. I still have to fix my other blog! I’ve decided it can wait til later this summer.

In the meantime, I have several works in progress, projects I’m wrapping up and projects I’m expanding! Thanks for your patience.

Site Maintenance
I have a bunch of updating I want to do for my website. This will probably take a week or more. There are some scheduled posts ready to go but nothing else! Thanks friends 🙂
I’m working on a really BIG project that seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. Crazy Lady! Maybe someday I’ll get to release it or at least take the screenshots!

Large project
I’m working on a really BIG project that seems to keep getting bigger and bigger. Crazy Lady! Maybe someday I’ll get to release it or at least take the screenshots!

So good to be creating again!
I’m working on quite a few projects. Phew! I really need to clean my house but I’d rather create!

I didn’t really take a break that long.. did I?
So yeah the pandemic turned my life upside down! I decided to update my house (painting, new hardware, lights, etc.). I took a three month vacation on the other side of the country. It’s just been nuts! Thankfully, the virus has been only a pest for my family and me.

Tiny Living fun!
Taking just a *tiny* break to have fun with the new pack! Be back shortly 🙂

New Year, New Ideas!
I have lots of goodies that I’m working on. Working hard to get it all out.

Seasons Greetings!
I am now on semi-hiatus until after January 1. Time to decorated & wrap & create! There are still some items I need to post, so if I get a moment I will take care of that. In the meantime, have a GREAT Winterfest!

Starting to Upload..
Finally got some screenshots done, starting to upload the actually items. Also, working on Christmas gifts for the fam! Busy time of year!!

Back At It
Creating new stuff again.. I have a lot to share. Just need to make screenshots – I hate screenshots.

Island Living Rules!
I have had so much fun playing the new Island Living expansion pack. Too make the new pack even better, I got a new computer. I can finally run the Sims on ultra settings instead of Low! WOW! What a difference!

I had a spinal cord stimulator implant place in my back in January and have been pretty much sleeping my life away. The good news is that stimulator is reducing my pain! I’m finally back to feeling like myself. Now I just have to clean my house

Happy Holidays
Wow! My real life has been so busy that I bought Get Famous and haven’t even gotten to play it. BOO! My daughter has enjoyed it, so I guess that’s something. I hope all of you are enjoying the Chrismtas Season!

Slightly uninispired!
My imagination seems to have flown the coop! I’ve been doing so many things in real life that the Sims just aren’t calling my name. Did Da Vinci have these issues?

I’m home.. I’m working
I have several half done projects… I’ll finish them up as soon as I can. With autumn around the corner, I can’t wait to make some new Winter-wear

Out of State
I’m currently out of state (on the other side of the USA) for the next 3 to 4 months to help a family member. I should still be able to update but if I disappear that’s why. On the bright side, I’m close to my other children! Can’t wait to spend time with them. *happy mama*

Sometimes I Just Play the Game!
Took a bit of a break to play the game. Of course, then I realize there were things I needed to make. I love the Decades Challenge, so it’s usually something for it. I’ve also been busy playing Bingo & going to church.

No Fun!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I did. However, I’ve spent the last 10 days trying to secure my websites from nasty hackers. Hopefully, I’ve gotten things tidied up and can continue doing things I like!

20 Years Married
My husband and I just celebrated our twentieth anniversary this weekend. We spent a weekend away in Cinncinati. We enjoyed good food, a room escape adventure, trip to the casino, the improv & more. Looking forward to another 20!

I’m Back!
Wow! I didn’t think I was going to be so busy but I am BACK! Having some great fun with my Sims again. There is a quiz for you to enjoy already & several new outfits will be up shortly.

Haven’t Left!
The last two months have been very busy for me in the “real world.” I have had visitors & trips & crafts & baking… Can’t wait to get back to Simming!

Off and On
Quite a bit going on for Thanksgiving. Long story short, I won’t be doing a lot of Simming Happy Holidays y’all!

Bit of change
My previous site layout wasn’t working for my needs, so I’ve made a change. Hope it works ok for everyone. Cheers!

Suppose to’s
I’m supposed to be working overtime on 3 different Christmas gifts but I keep Simming. I might have to hide my computer from myself.

On Thursday I had to pick up my youngest daughter from the hospital, who is in college an hour away. She had an allergic reaction to medicine.