Author: strenee

Pastel Crystal Creations Set

The Crystal Creations pack came with mostly dark colored objects. I wanted something brighter and happier looking.

Stitched Up! Leather Jacket

This leather jacket came with the Werewolves pack and the shirt came with holes. I wanted to be able to use it for my regular non-occult Sims.

The Gathering Spa

The Gathering Spa is a full-service spa for health minded sims. Our luxurious spa provides a tranquil, transformational environment.

Lodge Mini Set

The Lodge Mini Set for the Sims 4 will help you decorate your lodges and cabins with just the right touches. The set includes curtains, rugs and artwork.

Easy Landscaping Set 2

This is Set 2 of my Easy Landscaping Series. So far, the feedback has been good and I hope you can find them useful.

Little Red Vet

The Little Red Vet is purrfect for the budding veterinarian! This small clinic features everything you could need, including a small pet park.

Sarah Eyeshadow

This is my first try with Sims 4 eyeshadow. Sarah Eyeshadow is named after my oldest granddaughter. There are six swatches in a shimmery shine.