Category: Restaurants

Mystic Brews

When Ginger & Herb Potts passed away, their daughter Cookie turned their cottage into Mystic Brews, a Tea Room and Deli. She worked hard to honor her parents with tasty pastries and delicious tea.

The Mainline

Since 2003 there’s no place finer…than The Mainline Diner! Full menu available 24 hours a day!! We can’t wait to see you and your whole family. Our converted Sims 4 railcar is a national treasure.

The Royal Fork

From the beginning, The Royal Fork has provided value and excellence to it’s customers. We offer freshly prepared and varied selections of food, a clean wholesome environment, and friendly service.

Frankie’s On The Ave

Frankie’s on the Ave provides the best of the best for only the best! Our restaurant includes a full service bar and excellent entertainment.

Fish Food

Fish Food has been around since the early 1950’s. A busy and popular seafood place, the owners have had to add onto it multiple times. They have fantastic grilled, boiled, and fried Seafood in a casual setting!

The Happy Cow

The Happy Cow is a pioneer in modern vegan cuisine, fusing classic dishes and cooking techniques. Go for a superfood-packed creation at this completely vegan casual diner!

The Cannery

When Windenburg cleaned up the southside, many factories were shutdown. The Cannery Restaurant & Bar was converted when the Fishsticks Cannery closed.

The Lone Cactus

Welcome to the Lone Cactus, a Family-friendly, locally owned restaurant serving the best Mexican food made with the freshest ingredients.