Swimm Collection II – Fuller Coverage

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Michael Kors Tankini with RingABOUT: I had a lot of positive feedback about my first Swimm Collection that I was encouraged to create a second. I’m working on one more – a Simply Colors collection.

The Sim holding up the peace symbol with the stretch marks and fluffy tummy? That’s me! Be brave ladies – it’s a whole new world.

This collection features a few new items and some of the same items as before but in different colors & patterns. This time I chose a bright, cheerful tropical theme. One of the tops was inspired by this Michael Kors tankini on the left that is available at Macy’s (no affiliation).

The bike shorts are in the “tights” category so you can put them under the swim dress if you want.

Don’t you just love the awesome presets and skin overlays that I found? Please check out the credits below for these realistic CC items.

Bike Shorts
Fuller Bikini
Halter Top
Lace Swimsuit
One Shoulder Swimsuit
Swim Shorts
Swim Skort
Swim Dress
AV Nation Inspired Swimwear for the Family
Swimm Collection – Swimwear for All Bodies
Swimm Collection: Simply Colors
Are you looking for more custom content? Here are my three favorite sharing sites...
The Sims Catalog sunlit-tides cc finds Public Vanilla Builds

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SSNL’s Freaky Corner: Big Beautiful Women collection of CAS body presets
moonchildlovesthenight?: Amanda E Adam Overlay (stretch marks!)
Pralimesims’ Aphrodite Skin Overlay – Cellulite!

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2 Responses

  1. Y.T. says:

    I can hardly begin to tell you how much I appreciate this what you’ve done. I have searched, pages and pages, for so many hours, ’til I saw this. I just love it. I love the cellulite overlay details that you’ve included, and the fact that you embraced it all. I once joined a gym in 2018 and was so self-conscious of my appearance in a bathing suit. Even in real life, I searched for hours in big name department stores to find something only somewhat adequate that I settled for. I just figured, I just need something so I can get in the pool. I Just Want To Swim! ! Thank you. I don’t care that it’s only art, to me you nailed it. Maybe someday it will translate into something more.

    • strenee says:

      It makes me really pleased to hear your input. I’m a plus size woman and this collection was very personal for me. I hope you can find something that you WILL feel comfortable in. Wishing you the very best!

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