Quiz: What Color is Your Plumbob?

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What Color is Your Plumbob? A Quiz by strenee sims

Take this personality quiz to find out what your color says about you.
I’m an Orange – Sociable, Adventurous & Independents
Leave me a comment & let me know what you are!

This quiz was developed with information from: Empowered by Color 


How would you spend your last day on Earth?

strenee sims

What genre is the movie of your life?

strenee sims

Which of these best describe you?

strenee sims

Your dream job is closely related to which of these?

strenee sims

You have a new team project at work/school. You...

strenee sims

Which class did/do you get the best grades in?

strenee sims

It's Sunday afternoon, what are you doing?

strenee sims

Which of these sounds most appealing?

strenee sims

Most of your friends would say you are...

strenee sims

You overhear people dissing you at a party. What do you do?

strenee sims

What color is your plumbob?
Your Plumbob is Green

Green is the color of growth, balance & harmony. It is the color of Spring - rebirth & renewal. People with green personalities are peacemakers and make great counselors, parents & neighbors.
Your Plumbob is Blue

Blue is the color loyalty, trust & confidence. It is the color of Tranquility - calmness & peace. People with blue personalities are helpers and make great nurses, friends & rescuers.
Your Plumbob is Orange

Orange is the color of adventure, enthusiasm & confidence. It is the color of Warmth - optimism & uplifting. People with orange personalities are risk-takers and make great journalists, friends & motivational speakers.
Your Plumbob is Pink

Pink is the color of unconditional love, tenderness & compassion. It is the color of Romance - affectionate & romantic. People with pink personalities are understanding and make great gardeners, parents & teachers.
Your Plumbob is Purple

Purple is the color of luxury, spirituality & moodiness. It is the color of Nobility - power & extravagance. People with purple personalities are ambitious and make great leaders, coaches & teachers.
Your Plumbob is Red

Red is the color of energy, desire & action. It is the color of Power - determination & strength. People with red personalities are courageous and make great entrepreneurs, explorers & laborers.
Your Plumbob is White

White is the color of innocence, simplicity & open-mindedness. It is the color of Independence - safety & self-sufficient. People with white personalities are careful and make great scientists, analysts & doctors.
Your Plumbob is Yellow

Yellow is the color of joy, enthusiasm & optimism. It is the color of Creativity - originality & new ideas. People with yellow personalities are analytical and make great detectives, accountants and entertainers.

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