Sims 4 Restaurants Project

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My favorite community lot is the restaurant type. I believe it is mostly because that’s where all my dates seem to take place. Here are all the restaurants I have created for every world.

All the restaurants are in alphabetical order by world.

Fish Food The Dancing Pig Pub The Happy Cow

Visit Fish Food
CITY: Brindleton Bay

Visit The Dancing Pig Pub
CITY: Britechester

Visit The Happy Cow
CITY: Del Sol Valley

Mainline Prescott Manor Mystic Brews

Visit The Mainline
CITY: Evergreen Harbor

Visit Prescott Manor
CITY: Forgotten Hollow

Visit Mystic Brews
CITY: Glimmerbrook

Evergreen Grill & Go VIPs Kobe Teppanyaki

Visit Evergreen Grill & Go
CITY: Granite Falls

Visit VIPs Breakfast Diner
CITY: Magnolia Promenade

Visit Kobe Teppanyaki
CITY: Mount Komorebi

Frankie's On the Ave Il Sorriso Italian Restaurant Humpty Dumplings Asian Restaurant

Visit Frankie’s On The Ave
CITY: Newcrest

Visit Il Sorriso Italian Restaurant
CITY: Oasis Springs

Visit Humpty Dumplings
CITY: San Myshuno


The Lone Cactus The Angry Anchovy Restaurant

Coming Soon
CITY: Selvadorada

Visit The Lone Cactus
CITY: Oasis Springs

Visit The Angry Anchovy
CITY: San Myshuno

The Royal Fork The Cannery  

Visit The Royal Fork
CITY: Willow Creek

Visit The Cannery
CITY: Windenburg