Birthstone Heart, Chunky Bangles & Jewelry Recolors!

ABOUT: This is one of those projects where I got started doing one thing and couldn’t stop doing more things. It started with the base game heart necklace. I use it often and I wanted more variety. I love how the Birthstone Heart ended up looking.

I’m also a huge fan of bangle bracelets (another one of those leftover loves from the 80s!), so I made some. The other jewelry items are simple recolors. I means seriously… The Jade Necklace was kinda pointless!

I also included a zip with everything in a merged package for your convenience down the page.

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Birthstone Heart Necklace

  • Each color comes with a gold & silver chain.
  • Jewelry Recolors - Birthstone Heart Necklaces Swatches

    Chunky Bangle Bracelets

  • Each color comes in three styles: solid, with white & with black.
  • Jewelry Recolors - Chunky Bangle Swatches

  • Each color comes with silver and gold chain.
  • Jewelry Recolors - Jade Necklace Swatches

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