Get Together Girls Nightshirt

ABOUT: Again I have an outfit request from my daughter. She really likes the style of the girl’s nightshirt from the Get Together stuff pack but didn’t like the big picture of a girl that came with it. I’m happy to share 16 newly patterned nightshirts.
I added a Minions one because my daughter can’t stand them! Can you imagine? OH NO! – I Bob!

If you are needing new jammies for your boys (as well as girls), check out the Superhero PJs I just released.

Pattern Samples, Style 1

Pattern Samples, Style 2

• None Currently

SIMS GAME PACK REQUIRED: Get TogetherGet Together

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  1. Mossystonesays:

    What a nice selection of nightshirts! Thank you for making this group. I’m glad to have the added variety for my Sim kids. 🙂

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