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The Gathering Spa

The Gathering Spa is a full-service spa for health minded sims. Our luxurious spa provides a tranquil, transformational environment.

Easy Landscaping Set 2

This is Set 2 of my Easy Landscaping Series. So far, the feedback has been good and I hope you can find them useful.

Little Red Vet

The Little Red Vet is purrfect for the budding veterinarian! This small clinic features everything you could need, including a small pet park.

Del Sol Apartments

Del Sol Apartments include 5 large townhomes, a shared rec room, kid’s playground, a pool, maintenance rooms, and is fully landscaped.

Easy Landscaping Set 1

I love to landscape my lots. I save landscaping for last, like it’s dessert! Hopefully, you can find these useful.

Windenburg Conservatory

Windenburg Conservatory is your one stop place for gardening. Kids will enjoy the small park while you find your perfect plant.

Oasis Springs Museum

Spend your day learning about the native lands surrounding Oasis Springs Museum. Our museum contains ancient artifacts, art, sculptures, and more.