AV Nation Inspired Swimwear for the Family

Have you been enjoying the Island Living expansion pack? It is definitely one of the very best of all time.

This swimwear was inspired by the company Aviator Nation, who creates and sells awesome 1970’s styled clothing. AV Nation is a Lallapalooza and PopSugar favorite. The one piece suits have a crushed velvet fabric with a Kauai print. All of the items include the traditional AV Nation rainbow.

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Family Robes: 30 for the Men

30 Men's Fleece Robes [BG] | Robes in prints, plaids & solids. #sims4 #sims4cc #sleepwear | | strenee.huddlenet.com

I started making robes on behalf of my daughter (she just asked for one for her sim self). The next thing I knew, I had made 90 total for the whole family. The camouflage robe is for my husband, who served for 15 years in the ARMY. He now works for DOD. They come in prints, plaids & solids. These robes use the base robe from the Sims 4.

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