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Business As Usual Sweater & Blouse

The original shirt and blouse combo from Eco Living needed a facelift. How about a little sweater & blouse combo to head off to work in?

Sleeveless Top Redux

This is a redux of the shiny, sleeveless crop top that came with Get Together in floral and striped patterns.

Spots & Stripes Flare Dresses

The weather is slowly warming up and our Sims will need some casual, sporty dresses to enjoy. These dresses are just the thing. This is the second of three versions of the flare dress from the Luxury Party stuff pack.

Lacoste Men’s Polo Shirts

I’m a girl from the 80s and that Lacoste crocodile was all the rage back in my day. Yes, I am too old to be playing The Sims! Anywho… there are 24 polo shirts in 6 different styles. I hope you enjoy!

20 Floral & Striped Boat Neck Dresses

I use the boat neck dress from Get Together quite a bit for my older adult sims. So I wanted to add some color and prints to use. I’m really pleased with these new versions, especially the floral ones. You can download them as separate packages or as one.