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Rug Factory: Kitchen Mats

Kitchen Mats add color, style and warmth to your kitchen. There are two shapes (small mat, small slice) with 20 swatches each.

The Happy Cow Vegan Diner

The Happy Cow

The Happy Cow is a pioneer in modern vegan cuisine, fusing classic dishes and cooking techniques.

Rug Factory: Welcome Mats – Set 1

These Welcome Mats are a fashionable and functional way to greet guests and make a great first impression at the main entrance or back door of any Sim’s house!

The Cannery

The Cannery

When Windenburg cleaned up the southside, many factories were shutdown. The Cannery Restaurant & Bar was converted when the Fishsticks Cannery closed. Our pizza & pasta menu is sure to please the whole family. Be sure to grab one of our custom donuts!

The Lone Cactus Restaurant

The Lone Cactus

Welcome to our Family-friendly, locally owned restaurant serving the best Mexican food made with the freshest ingredients.