What Were They Thinking?!

I’m recoloring & re-texturing items from The Sims 4 that I don’t like the original colors, patterns, look, etc. I welcome your suggestions, use the form below!

Each of the new items are available as an “Override” file or “Stand Alone” version.
• If you dislike the original CAS item, download the “Override” file.
• Use the “Stand Alone” version if you like the original.

Sweater Toggle Jacket – Base Game
Funkeln Dress – City Living
Men’s Sweater – City Living
Class Ring – Base Game
Long Length Sweater Dress – Base Game
Basic Textured Wool Dress – City Living
Wool Overcoat and Vest – City Living
Sleeveless Top Redux – Get Together
Open Cardigan Solid Colors – Get to Work
Ribbed Knit Tank Top – City Living
Men’s Sweater Vests – Cats & Dogs
Dad’s Favorite Jeans – Base Game
Business As Usual Sweater & Blouse – Eco Living
Leather Motorcycle Jacket – Cool Kitchen Stuff
Wrangler Butts Drive Me Nuts – Vampires
Dickies Pants – Vampires
• More Soon!

If there is a CAS item that you think has an UGLY pattern send in a request!

  • ONE request per person please – IP addresses tracked & logged, abuse my trust & you will be banned. (Sorry frownie but it’s already happened!!)
  • There are some items that have mesh issues & that is beyond my ability.
  • I’m not recoloring items that already have solid color looks, I’m looking for truly ugly items. Sorry.