Category: Sets

Pastel Crystal Creations Set

The Crystal Creations pack came with mostly dark colored objects. I wanted something brighter and happier looking.

Lodge Mini Set

The Lodge Mini Set for the Sims 4 will help you decorate your lodges and cabins with just the right touches. The set includes curtains, rugs and artwork.

1970s Living Room

This 1970s Living Room set is a tribute to my childhood and is a living room that represented a realistic view of middle class America.

Dinosaur Kids Room and Nursery

I was motivated to make a kid’s room & nursery in honor of my son’s first child whose nursery is being done in a dinosaur theme!

Favorite Debug Items Set 1

I love building commercial lots and I use certain Debug items repeatedly. I made these objects buyable with extra color swatches.

Pastel She Shed

After creating a Man Cave for the guys, my daughter said I needed to do a She Shed for ladies. This set includes decorations, furniture, flooring and wallpaper for a total of 21 items.

Football Man Cave

With the big game coming up soon, I wanted my Sims to be able to enjoy the big game in style. This Man Cave set includes 11 base game items.