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Dinosaur Kids Room and Nursery

I was motivated to make a kid’s room & nursery in honor of my son’s first child whose nursery is being done in a dinosaur theme!

City Living Tucked Shirt Fix

The City Living Tucked Shirt with chunky, weird beads has long bothered me. This mesh edit has removed the clunky beads from the blouse.

Favorite Debug Items Set 1

I love building commercial lots and I use certain Debug items repeatedly. I made these objects buyable with extra color swatches.

Valentine Sweater

It’s time to celebrate love! Love, sweet love!! This Valentine Sweater has 14 swatches in a variety of heart patterns.

Blooming Cottage and Rental

This cozy cottage comes with a studio apartment above the garage. The landscaping is overrun with a variety of colorful flowers and plants.

Pastel She Shed

After creating a Man Cave for the guys, my daughter said I needed to do a She Shed for ladies. This set includes decorations, furniture, flooring and wallpaper for a total of 21 items.

Desert Fitness Center

The Desert Fitness Center is perfect for Oasis Springs. This gym includes an indoor pool, full-service spa, juice bar, basketball court and everything your Sims could need for health and wellness.