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Leather Motorcycle Jacket

For today’s update I have a handcrafted leather motorcycle jacket for your Simmies to wear. (NO animals were killed!!! I grew the leather!!!)

Prescott Manor - A Fine Dining Restaurant

Prescott Manor

Nathaniel Prescott build this manor house for his one true love.. only to have her fall from an upper window. To this day she haunts the manor, wandering from room to room. You can enjoy your dinner here.. if you dare. A banquet room and bar are available for your pleasure

VIPs Diner

VIPs Breakfast Diner

This diner is modeled after Huddle House, a diner in the South of the USA. It features a large greasy kitchen, pie case, counter seating, and several layers of table gum.

Business As Usual Sweater & Blouse

The original shirt and blouse combo from Eco Living needed a facelift. How about a little sweater & blouse combo to head off to work in?

Dad’s Favorite Jeans – Levi’s

I’ve never been a fan of the vinyl pants with zippers and straps that came with the base Sims 4 game. This is my replacement – a brand new pair of Levi’s or Dad’s favorite jeans!