Author: strenee

Rachel Green Inspired Plaid

I was a huge Friends junkie when it was on t.v. I still laugh at every Thanksgiving episode, no matter how many times I’ve seen them! My favorite character was Chandler and my family will tell you that I AM A “Monica.”

My least favorite character was Rachel and yet… here we have plaid inspired by her! She wore an amazing amount of it. The plaid was mouse created by me. Besides the ones inspired by Rachel, I threw a few more pieces in.

Winter Maternity Tops

One of my favorite items to make for the Sims is maternity clothes. There is something delicate and graceful about the loose flowing designs of maternity clothing.

18 Quilted Toddler Beds

I had a lot of fun creating quilted beds for adult Sims, so I thought your toddler Sims might enjoy their own as well. There are 16 quilts in a variety of colorful prints to choose from.

Autumn Sweater Dress by strenee sims | Warm sweater dresses for the Autumn weather #Sims4cc #Sims4Seasons #Sims4 |

Autumn Sweater Dress

Happy Birthday to me! Which means Happy Birthday to You! I wanted to add some more cold weather outfits for the Seasons expansion pack.

Let's Do Si Do | Matching Square Dance outfits for him and her. Base game compatible. #Sims4cc #Sims4 #SquareDance #Western #Country |

Let’s Do-Si-Do: Square Dance Outfits

Sixteen Square Dance dresses inspired by my Grandparent’s matching outfits when they would go out on Saturday night. Now it’s time to hit the dance floor and kick up some dust with your Sims.