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Family Robes: 30 for the Men

I started making robes on behalf of my daughter (she just asked for one for her sim self). The next thing I knew, I had made 90 total for the whole family. The camouflage robe is for my husband, who served for 15 years in the ARMY. He now works for DOD. They come in prints, plaids & solids. These robes use the base robe from the Sims 4.

Family Robes: 30 for the Ladies

My daughter asked me to make her pink robe with white hearts into a sim version. When I started making robes, I just couldn’t stop. Robes for everyone! These robes use the base robe from the Sims 4.

Colorful Cable Knit Sweaters *updated 3.21.19

Here are some chunky warm cable knit sweaters to enjoy on a chilly winter’s day. I updated this sweater in March 2019 because the original one was ugly! haha! I love the newer texture of this one and it’s base game compatible.

Halloween Sweatershirts

I’m one of those grandmas who loves a sweatshirt with a cute applique on it. These Halloween sweatshirts are just adorable in game. I’ve also created a long sleeve shirt version. Happy Halloween!

Pet Name Generator | Have fun generating pet names | strenee.huddlenet.com

Unisex Animal Name Generator

With the upcoming release of the Cats & Dogs expansion pack on November 10 (2017), I thought it would be fun to get a head start on coming up with animal names. You can even use this for naming your real pets. Just click “Generate Name” and see what comes up. Over 700 names available.

Base Game Maxi – Tie Dye Frivolity

Some sims are not ready to let go of summer. They love the outdoors and showing off their inner wild child. The Sims 4 base game maxi is one of my favorite skirts, as it offers so many choices when creating outfits.