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Stitched Up! Leather Jacket

This leather jacket came with the Werewolves pack and the shirt came with holes. I wanted to be able to use it for my regular non-occult Sims.

Sarah Eyeshadow

This is my first try with Sims 4 eyeshadow. Sarah Eyeshadow is named after my oldest granddaughter. There are six swatches in a shimmery shine.

Saturday Casual Outfit

This is a little Saturday Casual Outfit to spend the day puttering around the house. It includes 9 swatches. This is a full outfit, listed under ‘suits’.

City Living Tucked Shirt Fix

The City Living Tucked Shirt with chunky, weird beads has long bothered me. This mesh edit has removed the clunky beads from the blouse.

Tree Top Bar & Grill

Dine amongst the tree tops in this unique restaurant and bar in a lush setting in the middle of a jungle. Features include a private banquet area, flourishing landscaping, plenty of dining area and a full service bar.

Love is Love Dress with Bonus Tees

This is my offering for Pride Month and the dress turned out cuter than I anticipated. YAY! It comes in 15 swatches of the rainbow. The bonus tees come in ladies fitted and men’s v-neck. The tees have four designs in white and black each.

Kobe Teppanyaki

Kobe Teppanyaki

At Kobe Teppanyaki you’ll not only find the very best Japanese cuisine, but also the most entertaining chefs as they prepare your meal.

The Dancing Pig Pub

The Dancing Pig Pub

The Dancing Pig Pub has been around since the days of yore. Two Tudor buildings have been updated for your every dining need.