Vendor NPCs

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Vendor NPCs

ABOUT: NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) shouldn’t be ugly Sims! Replace your Vendor NPCs with these fully dressed, unique Sims. No CC (custom content) is necessary or mods. Vendor Sims are those Sims that work in the stalls that come with a variety of packs.

PACKS THAT ADD VENDORS/STALLS: Cats & Dogs, City Living, Jungle Adventure, Seasons, Island Living, Discover University, Eco Lifestyle and Snowy Escape.

NOTE: It is not necessary to add vendors for each pack that you have. You only need 1-2 sets. I simply made sure that each pack was represented. Whichever vendors you use will show up at all stalls throughout the world.

I have instructions on my NPCs For Your Game page to help install, find more or make your own NPCs.

CATS & DOGS (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
CD - Corie Beauchamp - NPC - Vendor CD - Song Park - NPC - Vendor CD Jeff Thomas NPC Vendor
CITY LIVING (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
CL - Thea Benson - NPC - Vendor CL- Marie Cornell - NPC - Vendor CL - Tocho Huaman - NPC - Vendor
DISCOVER UNIVERSITY(Click Any Image to Enlarge)
UNI - Amaya Jordan - NPC - Vendor UNI - Yuma Sakamoto - NPC - Vendor UNI - Maxwell Stapleton - NPC - Vendors
ECO LIFESTYLE (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
ECO - Talia Summers - NPC - Vendors ECO - Eileen Walters - NPC - Vendor ECO - Andrea O'Donnell - NPC - Vendors
ISLAND LIVING (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
IL- Perseus Clark - NPC - Vendors IL - Lila Greene - NPC - Vendor IL - Gabriella Kahale - NPC - Vendors
JUNGLE ADVENTURE (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
JA - Gisele Cruz - NPC - Vendor JA- Corina Glover - NPC - Vendor JA- Ernesto Sanchez - NPC - Vendor
SEASONS (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
SNS - Quinn Lassiter - NPC - Vendor SNS - Leann Reardon - NPC - Vendor SNS - Javier Salinas - NPC - Vendor
SNOWY ESCAPE (Click Any Image to Enlarge)
SE - Sloan Childers - NPC - Vendors SE - Yuki Ito - NPC - Vendors SE - Aimi Takahashi - NPC - Vendor

NPCs For Your Game
NPCs: Base Game Service Sims
NPCs: Base Game Community Sims
City Living NPCs

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