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City Living Ribbed Knit Tank Top

City Living came with the strangest tank top. I admit I’m not all about the high fashion but these were some strange patterns! So here is a new ribbed knit tank top that looks really good in game.

Sleeveless Top Redux

This is a redux of the shiny, sleeveless crop top that came with Get Together in floral and striped patterns.

AV Nation Inspired Swimwear for the Family

Have you been enjoying the Island Living expansion pack? It is definitely one of the very best of all time.

This swimwear was inspired by the company Aviator Nation, who creates and sells awesome 1970’s styled clothing. AV Nation is a Lallapalooza and PopSugar favorite. The one piece suits have a crushed velvet fabric with Kauai print. All of the items include the traditional AV Nation rainbow.

Mommy & Me Outfits

The ladies of your Sim families will look adorable for Easter or Mother’s Day with matching outfits in 8 swatches.

The adult & child outfits are base game compatible. The toddler outfit will need the Toddler Stuff Pack.

Meg’s First Tank Top

Your Sims are ready for warmer weather and what better way than to throw on a cute cupcake tank top. Base game compatible.

21 Maxi Dresses

The summertime means maxi dresses for me and of course, my Sims. They will love these breezy dresses in 14 prints and 7 solids that are base game compatible.

Sun Stripe – Fun With Polka Dots

These lovely dresses are perfect for spring & summer. I really like how they turned out. And yes, the red & white polka dot with the black bow is a Minnie Mouse dress. The dress uses a converted mesh from Get Together but is now base compatible.

Sun Stripe – Suede Solids

This solid version of the Sun Stripe dress from Get Together is my first attempt at working with Sims 4 Studio. For some reason the striped version seems to show up a lot in my game on townies. Thus, this solid was born.