Swimm Collection – Swimwear for All Bodies

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Dolphin Aquashape AquatardABOUT: This collection was a labor of love for me. My mom purchased this Aquatard by Dolphin (left) and it got me thinking about fuller coverage swimwear for body inclusivity. I wanted to represent all body types but cover up a bit more than the base game suits allow. Much of my inspiration for Swimwear for All Bodies came from the website Modli.co. The tankini & skort are a knock-off of one my swimsuits!

The collection has nine pieces in a navy, pink & grey color scheme. It includes: a Tankini Top, Sweetheart Swim Top, Cross-Strap Bikini Top, Boy Shorts, Bike Shorts, Swim Skort, Colorblock Aquatard, One-Piece Swimsuit & a Swim Dress. If you like this collection and would like to see another in different colors, please comment & provide some love!

The bike shorts are in the “tights” category so you can put them under the swim dress if you want. The top that is shown from the back view is a sweetheart top.

Don’t you just love the awesome presets and skin overlays that I found? Please check out the credits below for these realistic CC items.

Bike Shorts
Boy Shorts
Cross Strap Top
Fuller Swimsuit
Sweetheart Top
Swim Dress
Swim Skort
AV Nation Inspired Swimwear for the Family
Swimm Collection II – Fuller Coverage
Swimm Collection: Simply Colors
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The Sims Catalog sunlit-tides cc finds Public Vanilla Builds

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SSNL’s Freaky Corner: Big Beautiful Women collection of CAS body presets
moonchildlovesthenight?: Amanda E Adam Overlay (stretch marks!)
Pralimesims’ Aphrodite Skin Overlay – Cellulite!

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2 Responses

  1. Josette Walsh says:

    I really love these swimsuits. Being a modest, large woman, I prefer fuller coverage. So, I want my heavier sims to have fuller coverage as well. Thank you so much for making my dream come true. Now I can put a modest swimsuit on my heavy sims, as well as the sims who are a bit more “mature.” I would love more colors as well. I love when clothing has the full rainbow of colors, whether in patterns, or solid colors. Thank you again for all that you do for the sims community.

    • strenee says:

      Hello Josette .. I can’t thank you enough for the kind words. I don’t always know if someone enjoyed something I’ve created, so feedback is the very best. You betcha about more colors – I’ve already planned a Swimm Part II! I did the collection in the blue/pink/grey combo so that they could mix & match. Stayed tuned for the next colors! Thank you!!

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